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Friday, June 25, 2010

Go Strawberry!

Strawberries. They are lovely to eat AND to wear!
Trying something new here: white background? or background with stuff in it?

Skin: * Atelier LA * Nana skin (nudie#1) . I can't recall where I got this beautiful skin... but I DO know that *ALA* has gorgeous stuff, and lucky boards and gifts for members. Check out the store!
Hair: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*040-Strawberry*. Lucky chairs, profile picks gifts,
Shirt: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, [ Love Soul ] Tank top*Strawberry*White . Same Lucky Chair!
Nails: 0L$ past Lucky Board win, Manicures-Ruby . Nightshade is a gothic store I love: group gifts, newbie gifts, lucky chairs/boards, Midnight Mania boards, and fortune teller games to win beautiful items!
Eyes: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, Umi Usagi Rabbit In EYE RED .
Sweater: 0L$ Group Gift, Pig - Lazy Sweater RedRed . If you join the (free) group Purveyors of Accidental Love, you get this awesome sweater.
Shoes: 0L$ freeb, [IHS] Christmas Red Sneakers . Ahhh In Her Shoes, how I love thee!
Leg warmers: 0L$ freeb, edge grafica 19-leg warmers . Pack of several colors. edge grafica has fabulous, high quality freebs, 1L$ items, and cheap items! Generally a punk kind of style.
Shorts: 0L$ Lucky Board win, [A]Allep Jeans short jean001(short) . Lucky Board and camping for cool jeans.
Jewelry: 0L$ group gift, magi take choker [ open heart ] . Yeah, magi take? Is AMAZING. Join the group, and there is an entire WALL of freebies for you! The store's items are very low priced and fabulous.

A close-up:

China Trek

I went to the awesome China Tang Empire sim today! It's in the showcase (Real Life) if you'd like to check it out.
You might say this outfit is a stereotype...... but.... but the main point is, you can have these items, too, and dress them up however you want ;)

Hair: 0L$ Lucky Board win, mikan hair Momo_espresso01_M . Comes with bangs or no bangs style. There are also cute 1L hairs next to the board in boxes.
Skin: 0L$, Heaven's Gate Neo Julia Nut Pink001 .
Eyes: 0L$ freeb, *.amato.* eyes May_Green . Comes in three sizes. Many nice freebies in this little store, and a cute newbie gift.
Dress: 0L$ Lucky Board win, +Lika Ruby+ china dress LC green . Long and short version. Also group gifts if you subscribe to the free group.
Socks: 0L$ freeb, **en Svale** Free Knee Socks (Purple) . Many colors! Also, another sock freeb beside this one in the store (as well as jewelry freebs in another room).
Shoes: 0L$ freeb, In Her Shoes Bows Bows Brown Suede . This store is a freebie wonderland, with amazing shoes in many colors and styles, all for the taking! There is also a freebie hair store connected to the shop.
Jewelry: 0L$ Lucky Board win (group only), DrLife Jewelry Yuyan . Also group gifts (free to subscribe) and rotating lucky boards with hair, skin, clothes, jewelry.
Backpack: 0L$ freeb, [HUFS] Multibackpack (Red) . Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' sim, there are cool backpack freebies in many colors, as well as uniforms and other school paraphernalia!

A close-up:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty Casual

I've been wearing this outfit for a while. I started out SL sporting outrageous, frilly ballgowns, but recently I've been liking casual outfits (though you gotta love them ballgowns).

Shape: I always use my own.
Hair: 20L$ Gacha CAPSULES*PRIZE02, *JUNWAVE* KANAE*GOLD . If you join *JUNWAVE*'s free group, you can click on the lucky boards and camp for fabulous hair, and get group gifts. There are suuuper low-priced hair packs with great items in them, and gacha vending machines. There is also a Picks prize.
Skin: 0L$ freeb, Heaven's Gate Neo Yukino Lucky B . Jam-packed with freebs (mostly skin and hair), Lucky Boards, group gifts, camping and fun games to win even more free items.
Eyes: 0L$ Lucky Board win, Umi Usagi Rabbit in Eye pack 1 (pack of 3 eye colors & sizes). A bunch of Lucky Boards, camping chairs, group gifts, and an adorable newbie dress.
Scarf: 0L$ color change-able, Mr.Poet Wide Scarf . There's also another freeb for men, and lucky boards for men's skins & shapes.
Headsets: 0L$ Lucky Board win, Kumaki Glasses StepNote_PinkCamo . 6 Lucky Boards: funky sunglasses, and these purple/pink camo headsets that come with two ways to wear them.
Pants: 0L$ camp item (for Umi Usagi group members, free to join), Umi Usagi short jeans .
Boots: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, BUKKA Leather Boots ::red:: . There are several Lucky Chairs for different types of items, including these boots; which comes with several sizes.
Cardigan: 0L$ freeb, !Ohmai Basics Pocket Cardigan BLANK . Many great freebies (generally in white, but doesn't white go with anything?) and cheap items.
Shirt: 0L$ Lucky Board win (for petit pas group members, free to join), petit pas lucky board Lo*momo feel at home(petit pas Pink). Being in this group lets you click on all the lucky boards on this street, but most of the stores have their own group gifts and lucky boards, too, including Lo*momo, that you have to join separately. This shirt can be worn several ways; a pretty flowery print.
Bracelet: 0L$ Lucky Board win (for petit pas group members), petit pas lucky board <*StrAg*> Leather Bracelet . Includes a 'boy' and 'girl' version.
Clutch: 0L$ freeb, A.M.K.R. FREE Porch ("Porch" is an adorable typo, because in Japanese "Po-chi" = "Pouch"). There're also 2 other freebs, a dollarbie, and a kimono Lucky Board.

A close-up:

Have fun looking at these super fabulous stores!
-Rasmi Midal


There are a lot of freebie/cheapie Second Life fashion blogs, and I doubt that this one will be anything unique.

However, I've found all sorts of great items through hopping around and searching blogs, and I'd love it if mine could lead just ONE person to a fabulous find.

Also, I love how SL lets me live out fashion dreams that I can't A) pull off in RL B) afford in RL. So aside from being a blog on fun freebs/cheapies, I'm going to have fun making outfits and finding places to pose.