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Friday, June 25, 2010

Go Strawberry!

Strawberries. They are lovely to eat AND to wear!
Trying something new here: white background? or background with stuff in it?

Skin: * Atelier LA * Nana skin (nudie#1) . I can't recall where I got this beautiful skin... but I DO know that *ALA* has gorgeous stuff, and lucky boards and gifts for members. Check out the store!
Hair: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*040-Strawberry*. Lucky chairs, profile picks gifts,
Shirt: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, [ Love Soul ] Tank top*Strawberry*White . Same Lucky Chair!
Nails: 0L$ past Lucky Board win, Manicures-Ruby . Nightshade is a gothic store I love: group gifts, newbie gifts, lucky chairs/boards, Midnight Mania boards, and fortune teller games to win beautiful items!
Eyes: 0L$ Lucky Chair win, Umi Usagi Rabbit In EYE RED .
Sweater: 0L$ Group Gift, Pig - Lazy Sweater RedRed . If you join the (free) group Purveyors of Accidental Love, you get this awesome sweater.
Shoes: 0L$ freeb, [IHS] Christmas Red Sneakers . Ahhh In Her Shoes, how I love thee!
Leg warmers: 0L$ freeb, edge grafica 19-leg warmers . Pack of several colors. edge grafica has fabulous, high quality freebs, 1L$ items, and cheap items! Generally a punk kind of style.
Shorts: 0L$ Lucky Board win, [A]Allep Jeans short jean001(short) . Lucky Board and camping for cool jeans.
Jewelry: 0L$ group gift, magi take choker [ open heart ] . Yeah, magi take? Is AMAZING. Join the group, and there is an entire WALL of freebies for you! The store's items are very low priced and fabulous.

A close-up:

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